Texelent® Products - P. O. Box 934, Spring Branch, TX - 830-438-1818


Motorcycle Trailers, Motorcycle Touring Trailer, Motorcycle Cargo Trailer
GPS Mount for Honda Motorcycles, Motorcycle Bar Mount for Motorcycle Accessories

Motorcycle Trailers - New Texelent® XTc Tailwind Touring Motorcycle Trailer

motorcycle trailer - advanced, superior aerodynamic 			  		motorcycle technology

Check Out the Amazing Features of This Unique Motorcycle Trailer

Texelent's Proprietary Motorcycle Trailer Chassis, Featuring Three Point Suspension (Patent Pending)

Special Information on the Aerodynamic Qualities of the Texelent Motorcycle Cargo Trailer

More Tailwind Motorcycle Trailer Information
Pricing & Purchasing of Motorcycle Trailers

Simple, Smart, Sturdy and Sound: The Texelent® GPS Motorcycle Accessory Mount

Motorcycle Accessory Mount - The Texelent Smart Toy Motorcycle Mount System for motorcycles, provides an organized, unobtrusive and highly useful way to mount your GPS, Telephone, Radar Detector, Drink Holders, MX Radio Controller and a host of other accessories.

Motorcycle Mount for Accessories like GPS, Telephone and Radar Detector

The Inventor, Tom Finch, puts thousands of miles every year on his own Honda motorcycle, so he knows first-hand what a motorcyclist needs for comfort and safety.

Information on Tom Finch's Induction into the
Texas Science Summit Hall of Fame.

Texelent® Products are distributed
by the following fine companies:


Honda Direct Line

Other TEXELENT Specialties Include: Motorcycle Luggage Trailers, Touring Motorcycle Accessories, Motorcycle Apparel.

"The Ultimate in Goldwing Accessories"

motorcycle trailer - advanced, superior aerodynamic motorcycle 				 	technology

Smart Toy Bar Mounting System for Honda Motorcycle Accessories

  • Puts Your GPS Front and Center on This Motorcycle Mount

  • Tired of looking Sideways at Your Motorcycle GPS

  • Providing Room on Your Motorcycle to Mount Cell Phones, Radar Detectors, Drink Holders and a small shelf that accepts MX Control Head and other devices with optional accessory mounts.

  • And for the GL1800 Motorcycle - Reduced Motorcycle Handlebar Buzz

Also, a new High Tech motorcycle touring trailer has taken shape at Texelent that takes advantage of Tom Finch's 35 years of aircraft design, his numerous patents, and marries that to 46 years of motorcycle trailer touring.


Texelent Motorcycle Trailers Photo Gallery

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motorcycle trailer
motorcycle trailers
motorcycle touring trailer
motorcycle touring trailers

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