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Standard XTc Texelent Trailer Features - Marker lights, garment bag, carpeted interior, chrome draw bar, stainless coupler, chrome wheels, single color paint (non-illusion colors), stone guard bra and self powered interior light.

Unique Spring Draw bar * - Counteracts pitch inertia loading from trailer on motorcycle rear frame.

Elevated Swing Arm Pivots * - Leads wheels over bumps

4 inch Suspension Travel

Long Swing Arms - Allow wide pivot journal forward of the wheel

Complete Tubular Powder Coated Frame - Contains all suspension loading. No shock absorber loads in fiberglass body.

Adjustable Progressive Wound Coil Over Gas Shocks - Have high extension damping ratio.

Low Drag Body Aerodynamics * - Designed by world leader in aircraft drag reduction. Ensures minimum impact on fuel range and tire wear.

Deepest Storage Section Located Between the Wheels - Allows heaviest and largest items to be placed for minimum impact on dynamic stability.

Large Trailer Lid Opening - Easy loading with 24.3 cubic feet storage capacity.

One-Hand Latch Operation - Open the lid with one hand for ease of loading cargo.

Latch System Outside of Sealed Area - Continuous lid seal for airtight weather protection.

Entire Lighting System is Relay Operated - Prevents loading of motorcycle switches and relays. Six pin round plug with umbilical is standard equipment. Requires fused connection bike's battery and sense lines from turn, stop and run lighting.

On Board Gel-Cell Battery & Auto-Charge Circuit - Prevents running the bike battery down when dome light is on.

Optional On-Board Air Compressor & Tire Servicing System - Operates from standard on board battery.

* Patent Applied For
Texelent's Proprietary Motorcycle Trailer Chassis
Featuring Three Point Suspension (Patent Pending)

Special Information on the Aerodynamic
Qualities of the Texelent Motorcycle Trailer

Motorcycle trailer for cargo and luggage

Initial Test Results in Tests Occurring in Mid July, 2004
Texelent's 2004 Goldwing, pulling the Texelent XTc trailer shown above, achieved an average of 42.159 mpg in a 1,252 mile test in mixed town and country riding that included multiple runs over 100mp GPS in test environments. GPD average speeds per tank were: 50.2, 51.2, 54.7, 48.9, and 52.8. Speeds ridden were traffic speed to traffic speed plus 10, except for 48.9 block which was ridden at 55mphindicated where possible.

On Saturday, 7/17/04, Texelent's 2004 Goldwing pulling the Texelent XTc trailer shown above passed through 107 mph as recorded on the 276 GPS at partial throttle in a test environment. The XTc was solidly stable.

On Sunday, 7/18/04, Texelent's 2004 Goldwing pulling the Texelent XTc trailer shown above traveled from Spring Branch to points in he Texas Hill Country in a zigzag course through several small towns, ending at Bracketville, Texas, for a distance of 300.3 miles on a single tank of fuel while averaging 48.9 mph.

The tests above were with a load that varied from 100 to 120 pounds in the XTc trailer and a solo 265 rider.

Note: Individual riders may not achieve the results above due to riding techniques and the condition of their bike.

Loading Up the Motorcycle Trailer...

Motorcycle trailer for cargo and luggage - top view
Motorcycle trailer for cargo and luggage - Side view
Items carried in Motorcycle trailer for cargo and luggage

What We Loaded Into XTc Trailer

Spare Wheel and Tire
2 Each 3 / 4 Helmets
Tool Box
Digital Camera Case
Brief Case
Duffle Bag
Sport Bag
Two Suit Foldover
2 Goldwing Fitted Luggage
Oversize Carry On
Standard Carry On
75 Can Igloo Cooler

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